about the Boxillion system


the new smart parcel box that receives parcels while you’re out and keeps them safe!

Boxillion is internet connected and interacts with your smartphone. It comes with an App that gives you complete control over your Boxillion system. Once an order arrives you will receive a notification on your iPhone or Android device. Boxillion is like your own postal service at home. It allows shops and services to safely deliver or pick-up when your are not at home or busy otherwise. Boxillion keeps your parcels safe while you are not at home.

Generate Pin

Shop the way you normally would, but generate a one-time pin and add it to the delivery notes.

Courier Arrives

The courier arrives at your Boxillion and opens it with the one-time code. Your system knows in which box the parcel was inserted and so the appropriate compartment will be opened.


You immediately get a notification on your phone when your delivery arrives.

Open with smartphone

Now open your Boxillion with your smartphone or the keypad. Your system knows which compartment your delivery is in and it will open the appropriate door!

The Boxillion Application

The Boxillion Application is the door to your Boxillion system. All your Boxillion features and settings are accessible through the application.

With the app you can:

  • Receive notifications about your parcels
  • Open your Boxillion over Bluetooth
  • Get updates about the state of your Boxillion including temperature and battery level
  • Create new orders
  • Manage existing orders
  • Configure your Boxillion System
  • Share your Boxillion with family and friends
  • Register as a Boxillion user 

Comprehensive Updates

The Boxillion System notifies your smartphone when something is waiting for you inside your box.

Keyless Entry

Using your smartphone you can easily open your box with a swipe.

Exchange Calendar

Always know when parcels are scheduled for delivery and pick up.

Your Systems Management Center.

Share your box with your family, view your order history, or organize a friend to pick up a delivery.

The Scheduling Service

The Scheduling Service “automagically” manages the traffic to and from your Boxillion behind the scenes. It keeps track of your exchanges in the background so you don’t have to. It reschedules your transactions when required and can handle spontaneous exchanges with your family and friends. It is smart enough to manage exchanges to large Boxillion stacks in a shared system, such as an apartment complex.

The Business App

The Business App is our way of supporting local communities. It is tailored for local and small businesses owners. It allows your favourite local shops to manage a delivery after you order from them. All you need to do is accept their delivery request and pick up the order from your Boxillion after they drop it off!

The Toolkit

The Toolkit enables online shops to plug into your scheduling service so it can manage all exchanges to your Boxillion. After you enter your Boxillion details the online store will provide an estimated date of delivery. The dimensions of your parcel will also be considered when allocating it to a compartment.

In case your product is unavailable or there has been a shipping delay, an online shop or courier can update your Boxillion’s schedule.


Boxillion encrypts all exchanged data. Highest data protection standards are applied platform-wide and are continuously tested and updated.

Every action and transaction with the Boxillion system is stored for your protection. Because one-time pin codes are given exclusively to individuals, you can be made aware of who accessed your order.


The protection of your personal data is very important to us when using Boxillion and its system components. The Boxillion in front of your door does not require any personal data to function.

Industry Backing

Boxillion works with all major parcel services and businesses.