How do I arrange a delivery to my Boxillion System?

Arranging a delivery to your Boxillion is easy! All you have to do is order the way you normally would, but give your Boxillion details to the store you’re ordering from! All the rest is done for you and you end up with a notification on delivery! It goes something like this:

You order something from your favourite online store that uses our toolkit. 
When the time comes to entering delivery information, you submit your Boxillion details. 
You confirm the order and it automatically appears on your smartphone app. 
The scheduling service determines the best time to deliver to your Boxillion based on the active orders of your Boxillion System. 
The parcel gets handed to a courier and shipped. 
The courier arrives at your Boxillion. 
They open it with the business app or enter a one-time code. 
After the delivery is complete you receive a notification. 
You can now open your Boxillion with your phone or the keypad to retrieve your delivery!

If the store or courier service isn't part of the Boxillion system yet, we have a solution that’s just as simple - It’s called custom ordering. When you order online you generate a one-time pin code for your keypad. It goes something like this:

You go to an online store and start ordering as you normally would. 
When it is time to enter the delivery information you generate a one-time access code. 
You enter the generated code in the delivery notes for the order. 
If you live in an apartment, add your buildings door code to the notes. 
After confirming your order it is now shown on your application’s dashboard for tracking. 
The courier arrives at your Boxillion and enters the code written in the delivery notes. 
Boxillion gives access to the courier and they can safely deposit your delivery inside. 
Your phone is notified and you can now use Bluetooth or the keypad to access your parcel!

Can major carriers use Boxillion Systems?

Boxillion offers the toolkit API to all delivery services. At the same time all delivery and parcel services can deliver using the custom order process with a single code for each delivery or pick-up.

How many expansions can I have?

Boxillion supports up to 4 expansions.

If you'd like more than 4 expansions, the Boxillion Hub is perfect for you - it supports 12 expansions. The hubs can also be stacked which allows for an almost unlimited amount of expansions so that whole apartment buildings can benefit from the Boxillion System. It’s easy to use - simply plug your extensions into the hub and plug the hub into an extension connector on the main electronics board.

Measures, what can the Expansion Box fit inside?

Here an overview of all available standard dimensions (height/width/depth) :

Boxillion recommends to start with the base module and at least one expansion letting you receive two deliveries in one day. Each Boxillion "multi-box" consists of the base module containing the electronic control modue and space for a typical parcel containing a book or electronics.

Base module

  • over all outside dimensions (containing control module) (h/w/d) 300 x 500 x 700 mm or 11.81 x 19,69 x 27,56 inches
  • inside dimensions (h/w/d) 250 x 350 x 650 mm or 9.84 x 13.78 x 25.59 inches

We offer three expansion box sizes:

"Small" expansion box with the same outside dimensions as base module, no control unit and therefore more inside space

  • over all outside dimensions (h/w/d) 300 x 500 x 700 mm or 11.81 x 19,69 x 27,56 inches 
  • inside dimensions (h/w/d) 250 x 450 x 650 mm or 9.84 x 17.72 x 25.59 inches

"Medium" expansion box

  • over all outside dimensions (h/w/d) 450 x 500 x 700 mm or 17,72 x 19,69 x 27,56 inches
  • inside dimensions (h/w/d) 400 x 450 x 650 mm or 15.75 x 17.72 x 25.59 inches

"Large" expansion box

  • over all outside dimensions (h/w/d) 800 x 500 x 700 mm or 17,72 x 19,69 x 27,56 inches
  • inside dimensions (h/w/d) 750 x 450 x 650 mm or 29.53 x 17.72 x 25.59 inches

All boxes are big enough to hold small parcels (books, electronics,...), regular groceries (basket with veggies, mineral water, ...) or large grocery deliveries (including insulated delivery boxes containing frozen or other delicate products, two beverage crates,...).

How do I open the Boxillion in an emergency?

Boxillion comes with a keyhole and key to open in emergency situations or if you forget to replace your batteries (even though we remind you to replace them when they're low)!

How does sharing work?

There's two types of sharing - Sharing a Boxillion system, and sharing an order.

Sharing an Order: 
You can give access to an order when you create it or after it becomes active by managing your order. You can also remove others' access from an order whenever you'd like. With the Boxillion application you can create a default share list of people that you'd like to share your order with on creation.

Sharing a Boxillion System: 
Your Boxillion can be shared with others so they can order to your System.This can be revoked after which they lose the ability to order to your Boxillion System; However, if they have active/pending orders then these are allowed to be completed.

How does the Toolkit work?

The Toolkit enables online shops to plug into your scheduling service so it can manage all exchanges to your Boxillion. After you enter your Boxillion details the online store will provide an estimated date of delivery. The dimensions of your parcel will also be considered when allocating it to a compartment.

In case your product is unavailable or there has been a shipping delay, an online shop or courier can update your Boxillion’s schedule.

How secure is the Boxillion System?

We've focused heavily on security. There are a few notable mentions when it comes to Boxillion making sure your parcels are safe.

No one knows if a parcel is in there. If something has been delivered to your Boxillion, there won't be any indication that something is contained inside.

The Locks are high strength. They are used in the automotive and rail industry throughout Europe and have been tested extensively.

The materials used are very durable. We've partnered with companies with experience in providing safe and durable materials so that bad guys can't get inside your Boxillion.

The installation options all come with security measures to make sure your Boxillion is safe and secure.

Who can deliver to your Boxillion System?

Everyone. Everyone can deliver to your Boxillion System including couriers and even your friends and family.

We have made sure that all couriers can deliver to your Boxillion System.

One of our major advantages over other products is that Boxillion is neutral which means that no shop, service, courier or logistics company has an advantage over others. This extends to local shops and major couriers.

How many Expansions do I need?

We recommend having at least 2 compartments between 5 people. This limits clashes when ordering and increases the number of successful deliveries.

How does the Scheduling Service work?

The scheduling service automatically reschedules your transactions when required and can handle spontaneous exchanges with your family and friends. It is smart enough to manage exchanges to large Boxillion stacks in a shared system, such as an apartment complex.

The Scheduling Service has been in development for over two years and is constantly evolving. Your feedback is welcome and will greatly assist us in perfecting this service. The possibilities are endless and we are excited about what you can come up with! Send us an email atsuggestions@boxillion.com.

How do I install / secure my Boxillion System?

We want to make sure everyone can install a Boxillion at their house so we have solutions for everyone!

The Pole: The pole lifts the Boxillion so it is easy accessible. It gives you a lot of flexibility for all kinds of installation situations in front of your home: Above plants and shrubs or next to the curb side. This is perfect for outside the front of your home - just replace your old letterbox with a new Boxillion smart parcel box! The pole lifts the Boxillion 19,68’’ or 50cm, but custom heights can be provided if necessary.

The Wall mount: In case you want to mount your Boxillion to the wall the plastic and metal versions can both be fixed with the wall mount. The wall mount is an L-shaped bracket - the back is attached to the wall and the bottom sits underneath the Boxillion.

Door attachment: Boxillion can be fixed to your apartment or front door. Just stand it on its back pointing upwards and connect the three straps: Two on the hinge side of the door, one on the floor for under the door. The Boxillion backside (now underside) is covered with “stick-on felt” for easy gliding without tampering with your floor as it moves with the door. The straps are fixed on the inside of the door with strap locks. The strap locks have a rubber jacket so they don’t scratch your floor or door frame. It is easy – you just strap your Boxillion from the inside to your door. Upon closing the door the straps are pulled even tighter and your Boxillion is firmly attached to your door. It is a simple and flexible solution for all apartments.

The Pedestal: The pedestal sits underneath the Boxillion. It can be filled with sand (adding around 60kg to the total weight) or heavy material for security. The pedestal lifts your Boxillion by 4.92’’ or 12.5 cm. The size of the pedestal is 18.89’’x 26.77’’ or 48 x 68 cm. The pedestal doesn't have to be bolted to the ground so it’s perfect for rental properties or for those of you who are indecisive about where you’d like to place your Boxillion.

What if I have to move?

Nothing changes!

You take your Boxillion with you and erverything stays the same. Stop ordering close to the moving date and then just change your adress in the administration pannel.