Mission statement

Boxillions mission is to organize the comfortable reception of goods and services at home, beneficial and impartial to all involved.

About Boxillion

Boxillion will change your world of shopping and services.

In the near future there will be Boxillion stacks in every apartment block and every house will have one on the curb side - as common as letterboxes today.

Courier personnel will love the easy to operate devices as will you.

All major and local shops and services will be part of the Boxillion community and will schedule deliveries to your Boxillion to make sure you receive what you need as soon as possible.

Together with you as our customer we also want to support local shops and services and let them expand their businesses to include home deliveries and services.

We see a whole set of advantages Boxillion brings to all involved:

  • Deliveries and pick-ups can take place when you are not at home
  • Deliveries and pick-ups are kept safe inside Boxillion
  • Exchanges to your Boxillion can take place outside rush hours
  • You save time and trips for typical day to day supplies
  • You can order on monthly, quaterly or yearly basis thus receiving important savings
  • Boxillion holds grocery shopping that can easily be delivered in returnable insulated boxes to keep it at the right temperature until you come home
  • and many more to come...

The Boxillion Team

Roland: Former Fulbright fellow and holding a Master of Business Administration, he brings his ideas, network and experience to the team. He led multinational businesses before successfull starting own businesses.

Jeremy: He controls the technology behind Boxillion. He started his career as an Automation Engineer after completing a Bachelor in Mechatronics and quickly progressed into site management – overlooking a driverless solution to organising shipping containers at terminals. He is the interface with our most important development and production partners.

Roald: He controls the look and feel of the product and all visual interfaces. He is also the web designer behind our website.

Deniz: He is still studying engineering part time at the RWTH-Aachen. He helps design the software and is continuously working on the next steps and all interfaces needed in the future.

Danielle: She is about to complete a Bachelor in Business Administration. She arranges our social media and marketing campaign.

Constantin: He is also studying engineering at the RWTH-Aachen and helps with quality control and production investigations.

James: He is based in the US and an expert in customer service in high performance software solutions.

Franziska: She is a long time expert in electronic high volume end customer processes. She sets up all customer service processes for end customers and all partners.